COVID-19 Response

Student Accessibility Services COVID-19 Response

We know that quick changes to an online learning environment are unexpected and can be a bit anxiety inducing, but hope you know that we are still here and ready to support your learning in this new way.  We hope the following guidance on the continuance of accommodations in this new environment is helpful. ​ Disability accommodations do carry over into online formats. We look forward to staying in communication with you via email and Zoom, to facilitate accommodations in this new environment.  Do know that, so far, we’ve had many very positive interactions with faculty who are very committed to finding the most seamless way to administer these accommodations.  It’s different, but we truly believe it’s going to be all right! 

  • Accommodation Letters: You should provide your faculty members with an official accommodation letter from the SAS office, if you have not already done so. Please see Letters Guide to retrieve a current letter, or Existing Student Guide for how to request a new letter for this semester. 
  • Exam Accommodations: To arrange exam accommodations, please follow the same steps you always have: forward your accommodation letter to faculty, and complete an online exam form 7 days in advance of an upcoming exam.  SAS and the Poorvu Center are working with faculty to coordinate online accommodations.
  • Accessible Course Materials and Text-to-Speech Technology: If you are previously approved for an accommodation for accessible course materials for screen reader purposes or captioned videos, and are concerned about your ability to access an online course due to these concerns, please reach out SAS.  
  • ASL Interpreters/ CART: We are working with our existing outside vendors to ensure these services to continue remotely and taking care of the logistics surrounding these services. Please contact SAS with any questions.
  • Notetaking Assistance: For those that are previously approved for notetaking technology or assistance, we are arranging for notetaking assistance to continue. Notetaking technology should work seamlessly with online courses and require no additional action on your part.

If you have questions about online disability-related accommodations at this time, direct them to SAS. We are available to answer questions and help coordinate accommodations remotely.

Yale University COVID-19 Websites

Law School

School of Nursing

School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

School of Drama


  • Screen Time Reduction and Self-Care Tips: SAS created a tip sheet to help mitigate excessive screen time usage.
  • The National Center for College Students with Disabilities created a resource library for students with disabilities during the time of COVID-19.
  • Yale University COVID-19 website has informing pertaining to Yale’s actions and response.
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s information for people with disabilities


For staff seeking accommodations, please see Accommodations for Staff Returning to Campus with information on that process. SAS works only with Yale students.