Exams: Faculty Info

Students with disabilities enrolled in your classes may be eligible for exam accommodations.

If students are eligible, they will forward you their electronic accommodation letter prior to requesting exam accommodations. If a student requests exam accommodations and does not provide you their accommodation letter, you should require that they do prior to the exam. 

Instructors should feel free to take ownership of all exam accommodations. 

Exam Accommodation Process: Faculty Proctor
Student Accessibility Services

Questions? Contact sas@yale.edu

START: Did the student provide you with an accommodation letter? Accommodation requests must be initiated by the student. 

  • YES: SAS will contact you to complete the Proctor Request Form if the student requested accommodations on the exam. 
  • NO: Request the student submits the accommodation letter. *You can require this within a reasonable time prior to an exam. 

ACCOMMODATIONS: Only provide accommodations listed on the accommodation letter. 

WHO’S PROCTORING? SAS can pay and train any proctors referred. (Can be you, TF, or department admin).

WHERE’S THE EXAM? You can use the same classroom OR Use 25Live to find space:  https://25live.collegenet.com/pro/yale#home_my25live


*Please note: If a TF proctors a course for which they are a TF, then they cannot be paid by SAS to proctor. 

Tips for Proctoring Accommodated Exams:

  • Space: Check to see if your regular classroom is being used at a time adjacent to your course as you may be able to use that space; reserve an additional classroom space using 25Live; check with departmental staff, administrators, or Registrars for available space; or, arrange space as you would for make-up exams. 
  • Proctors: You can utilize TFs when you have them, or if you don’t have a TF or not enough TFs, you can find another graduate student. If you find graduate students, SAS can train and pay them for proctoring.

If you are unable to proctor exam accommodations, SAS may be able to provide this service as a courtesy. To schedule an exam proctored by SAS, eligible students provide faculty with accommodation letters and complete our Exam Form at least a full week (7 days) prior to an exam date. When this occurs, SAS staff will reach out to you requesting you complete the Proctor Request Form (7 days in advance) to gather important information about your exam. SAS will need a copy of your exam at least 3 business days in advance of the exam date.

Completed Exams:

Faculty may request to pick-up their completed exams at the SAS office (35 Broadway) or request courier exam delivery. If the latter, exams are delivered to the office/department indicated on the Proctor Request Form. Completed exams always need a signature, whether picked-up or delivered. Exams will not be left in mailboxes or delivered by mail. 

Things to Remember:

  • SAS cannot proctor quizzes, make-up exams, or any exams during reading week. 
  • an Exam Form from a student is needed at least one full week (7 days) in advance of an exam. 
  • exams must be taken at the same time scheduled for the course; if there is a schedule conflict, students will have to work with their Residential College Dean and faculty member to rearrange.
  • for final exam blocks ONLY, evening exams (typically starting at 7 p.m.) begin at 5:15 p.m.
  • accommodation letters must be given to faculty prior to completing the Exam Form.
  • For exams during finals week, we need students to complete exam forms by the Monday of the last week of classes. If received after this date, SAS may not be able to make arrangements.
  • SAS cannot proctor before 8:30 a.m. or later than 10:00 p.m.
  • In the event of inclement weather, SAS may not be able to proctor exams.

For more information, please see the Faculty Guidebook.