The first step is to register with the ROD.  Call 203-432-2324 for an appointment.

Each semester registered students seeing the need for accommodations in any or all of their courses must complete a Course Accommodation Request form. It will be forwarded to the Resource Office on Disabilities. Blank forms can be picked up in the office. You will be notified by e-mail from Carolyn Barrett when letters are ready for you to take to your instructors. When you get this notice, stop by the office any time between 8:30 and 4:30 weekdays, no appointment is necessary.

Freshman will indicate the need for special housing on their housing application form after matriculation. This will require students to send supporting medical documentation to justify the request during the month of May.

Upperclass persons can either speak to their Dean or make the request directly to the Resource Office on Disability before housing draw in the College. In all of these requests, medical documentation that justifies the request will be required.

Graduate and Professional School students wishing to live in University housing and needing special accommodations should contact the Resource Office on Disabilities before April 1. Medical documentation that supports the request will be required.

The Yale student health web-site is currently under construction to provide and increased level of accessibility for all of our users. At this time, the best way to access the Yale Student Health web site is via laptop or desktop computer. Thank you for your patience.

Understanding your coverage

Student insurance rates

Yale Health Pharmacy, 55 Locke St.: 203-432-0033

Rite Aid, 66 Church St.: 203-777-7248

Walgreen’s, 82 York St.: 203-752-9893

CVS, 215 Whalley Ave.:203-401-4661

Yale Surgical Co, 627 Chapel St.: 203-777-2396

Yale Balance and Hearing, 800 Howard St.: 203-785-2467

Please use the form below to Request for Special Services Van Transportation.

Call 203-432-6888 any time (24/7) indicating it is an emergency repair.

Please contact our office by calling 203-432-2324 and meet up with your dining manager to talk about what you can and should not eat. Dining Services will customize a food plan for your dietary needs and restrictions.

To help us organize our communications about your needs, please click here and complete the brief food related personal survey.

If you are a freshman, you will want to follow the Calendar of Opening Days:

If you are a student entering GSAS:

For students entering into a Professional School, see the individual School’s web site.

Yale Police: 911 EMERGENCY;  203-432-4400 Non-emergency.

Yale Security: 203-785-5555

Yale Facilities: 203-432-6888

The world of support software and apps expands daily. Here are just a few ideas you may wish to look at. Nothing here is endorsed, just offered as an idea.

If you have used something you feel has been helpful, please share it by sending the information to Sarah Scott Chang, Director.

For text to speech computer based support, a free download is available for Natural Reader.

For text to speech app at a nominal fee, go to Voice Dream Reader.

To help organize your thoughts before writing, try Inspiration.

For app support in note taking at a nominal fee, try Notability.

To be reminded to take visual breaks from your computer to reduce eye strain and work proactively to prevent headaches, try Protect Your Vision.

To learn to pace yourself and know how long you have been working and as a reminder and take breaks for a Mac or Windows system, try Awareness. Or for Firefox users, try StretchClock Break Reminder. And or Gimme a Break! for Chrome.

The numbers of students registered as having a disability are growing rapidly. In order to keep up, ROD had to implement a student information system. It will allow us to provide a higher quality service to students. It will also allow us to spend more time working with students, instead of managing data. Switching to electronic delivery also allows us to reduce our environmental impact.

Yes!  Faculty can log-in to Accommodate here: https://yale-accommodate.symplicity.com/. Once logged-in using Yale Net ID and password, a faculty member can view accommodation letters for his/her students. Faculty can choose the “Accommodation Letters” tab to view a list of all letters in a term. Additionally, faculty can choose  the “Course” tab to email enrolled students.

There will be no way to produce our previous style of letters after the start of Spring 2019 term. However, if you prefer a paper letter instead of electronic delivery, just let your class roster know that.

Yes. Students will coordinate exam accommodations with our office as they always have.

When students are eligible for accommodations, they can usually receive them in all classes. If you teach a class that requires different modalities of learning or learning outcomes, such as in a lab setting or a class with an off-campus component, we will work with the student to assess if other accommodations are needed. If a student requires an accommodation unique to one class, then we can add this accommodation to their letter, or work one-on-one with faculty to arrange appropriate accommodations for said course, when needed.

No. Accommodations will still be approved through ROD in the platform. Students are unable to add accommodations to their letters.

This is the only change at this time that will affect notification to faculty. Otherwise, it should be business as usual at ROD!

In the past, this information was included in the accommodation letter. Starting Spring 2019, you will instead be notified by ROD via email when a notetaker announcement needs to be made for a class you’re teaching.