Peer Liaison Program

We are pleased to announce that Student Accessibility Services will be participating in a pilot peer liaison program for the 2021-2022 academic year. The peer liaison program is a Yale College program that connects upper-class students with first-year students to connect them with identity programming and support options.  We join our colleagues in the four cultural houses, the LGBTQ Center and the Chaplain’s Office in this program. 

Peer liaisons will be representative of many different disability experiences within Yale. Peer liaisons will be matched with a group of first-year students that are registered with our office and choose to participate.  They will provide individual check-ins and support to that group.  They will also, as a team, provide fun and/or educational programs for first year students.  It is anticipated that this paid leadership position will take approximately 10 hours per week.  Peer Liaisons will also be expected to complete training in late spring and early fall. This training will include training for all PLs, along with training specific to Student Accessibility Services. For more information about the peer liaison program, please visit the Yale College website.

Applications are now open, the deadline to apply is February 8, 2021.  Interviews with select applicants will take place between February 17 and March 8, and decisions will be announced in mid-March.

If you have questions about the interview process or position description, please be in touch with Susan Olson.

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