Meet the PLs: Karen Wang

Karen Wang

Karen is posed with a warm smile with large, leafy trees in the background.

Branford 2024


Ethnicity, Race, and Migration


Hello beautiful people, my name is Karen! I am a rising junior majoring in Ethnicity, Race , and Migration. I’m from Granger, Indiana, which is just fields of potatoes and corn, but the Midwest is my home nonetheless.

On campus, I’m a co-coordinator for First Years in Support of New Haven with a wonderful team of cocos, write spoken word with Jook Songs, and marginally involve myself with theatre. I also conduct research on the oral histories of Chinese restaurant workers as a fellow with the Mellon Mays-Edward Bouchet program. I can be found sneakily roller-skating on Beinecke Plaza, which seems to be one of the only flat and even surfaces at Yale (apparently you’re not allowed to skate there but shh, it’s okay). Or dyeing my hair incessantly. If you’re curious about any of these, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Yale is not an easy place to be, and it is a continuous effort to make this place more accessible and just. So, whether it’s writing an email to ask for an extension, finding ways to establish healthy boundaries, or accessing healthcare, I am here to support you!

You can reach me at my email here, (VERY important to have the kpw34, otherwise it gets sent to a med school professor who has seen too many emails meant for me). I’m so excited to be in community with you all!

Karen works with students in Branford, Ezra Stiles, and Morse colleges.