What are some apps and software that might be useful?

The world of support software and apps expands daily. Here are just a few ideas you may wish to look at. Nothing here is endorsed, just offered as an idea.

If you have used something you feel has been helpful, please share it by sending the information to Sarah Scott Chang, Director.

For text to speech computer based support, a free download is available for Natural Reader.

For text to speech app at a nominal fee, go to Voice Dream Reader.

To help organize your thoughts before writing, try Inspiration.

For app support in note taking at a nominal fee, try Notability.

To be reminded to take visual breaks from your computer to reduce eye strain and work proactively to prevent headaches, try Protect Your Vision.

To learn to pace yourself and know how long you have been working and as a reminder and take breaks for a Mac or Windows system, try Awareness. Or for Firefox users, try StretchClock Break Reminder. And or Gimme a Break! for Chrome.