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Student Accessibility Services (SAS) works to provide students in Yale College with appropriate accommodations for their academic, housing, and campus access needs. SAS accommodations are decided based on many factors, and the most important is your participation in the interactive process. The accommodation process starts when students submit an Accommodations Request form to Student Accessibility Services, and must be completed by the student who needs the  disability-related accommodation or service.

If you are already signed up with SAS, please use your SAS Accommodate Portal for important announcements and to renew your accommodations for the semester. 

Whether you are new or returning, you can request accommodations!

To request accommodations, students must register with SAS, which involves:

  • Complete the Accommodations Requestion form. Please allow 3 business days from submission for outreach from a SAS staff member.
  • Provide supporting documentation (see Documentation Guidelines).
  • Meet with a SAS staff member to discuss your request and current situation, and to develop a plan for moving forward.

What Accommodations Am I Eligible For?

While some disabilities require similar accommodations, SAS assesses each student’s disability as an individual experience and works to identify their specific barriers to access. Because of this, accommodations are tied to a barrier for access as a result of the disability and not strictly to the disability.  With student involvement, SAS will collaborate to identify the barriers and the most appropriate accommodations to remove those barriers without altering the fundamental requirements or learning objectives of a course, program, or the University. For information about specific accommodations, please view our ExamsHousing, Dining, Campus Access pages.  

Important Reminders

A student may register and submit documentation to SAS even though a specific accommodation request is not anticipated at the time of registration.

Documentation provided to SAS is kept confidential. Information submitted directly to SAS will not become part of a student’s permanent record at Yale.

Students who are unsure about their eligibility for assistance should complete the Registration form and meet with SAS staff to discuss their situation.


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