Access Communication

Student Accessibility Services coordinates access communication resources for students with disabilities in their courses and academic-related activities. Access communication resources include: 

  • American Sign Language Interpreters 
  • Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) Services 
  • Captioned media 
  • Assistive technology for transcription tools 

How to Request Access Communication Services 

Students requesting access communication services should first be approved for accommodations related to hearing or communication disabilities. If you are a student approved for these accommodations, you can request services using our Access Communication (ASL/CART) request form 

If a student is attending an extracurricular event or activity that is open to the Yale community and not specifically tied to a class, it is the responsibility of the department or office sponsoring the event to secure access communication services. If you are an event coordinator, please review the Accessible Event Guidelines on the Accessibility at Yale website for more information on securing access communication resources. 

Can I Request Captions for Videos? 

SAS will only provide captions to students with approved accommodations for captioned media, CART, or ASL services. Students approved for these accommodations will receive outreach prior to the semester to confirm their enrolled courses. Once confirmed, SAS will then contact their professors for instructions on how to use captions in the classroom and to receive captions for their videos in Canvas. If you are a student with these accommodations and you do not have captions on the videos in your courses, please email the SAS Assistive Technology team at 

If you are a faculty member, department, or student organization, please reach out to the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning at to receive guidance and support for captioning your media content.