Using Accessible Media

It is the responsibility of the unit/department, administrators, faculty, and staff to use accessible media in classrooms when a student who has approved accommodations from Student Accessibility Services is present or when the classroom-intended media may be re-purposed. If media is assigned for use outside of the classroom, the media should be accessible and compatible with accessible media players (i.e. player interface is accessible).

  • If the instructor is aware of an accommodation request at least 5 days in advance of the presentation/distribution of the multimedia, the captioned version must be provided at the same time that the multimedia is provided or shown to the class. If providing the captioned version at the same time is problematic, instructors must not use the multimedia (however, they may choose to use alternate accessible materials, as appropriate).
  • If an accommodation request was not made in advance and a captioned version cannot be displayed at the time of planned screening, the captioned version compatible with an accessible media player, must be provided within a reasonable amount of time (typically 2 business days) following the screening.
  • If an instructor distributes or assigns multimedia in the first week of a course (or before a student can reasonably be expected to notify the instructor of an accommodation request), where the course is not a pilot or one-time offering, the multimedia must be captioned and compatible with an accessible media player.
  • It is recommended that the captioned version be selected when acquiring new multimedia that will have repeated use. If a captioned version is unavailable then it is recommended that a captioned version be generated at the time of acquisition.

For more information, visit the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning.