Web Accessibility

Many users of the web have some kind of disability. When creating a web application or website, it is important to understand how individuals with disabilities use the web, and how technical and design decisions affect the experience of users on your website or application. Please see the Web Accessibility resources at Yale.

Accessibility Consulting

Yale ITS offers accessibility consultating free of charge for official Yale organizations, and is meant to help you identify parts of your site or application that may be specifically confusing to individuals with disabilities.

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Getting Started with Web Accessibility

When you improve the accessibility or your site or application, you are taking steps toward designing a web for everyone, regardless of individual perceptual or cognitive abilities.

Below we provide a list of resources to help you start learning about web accessibility.

Yale University Resources

Yale ITS has gathered accessibility resources for content editors, visual designers, and web developers at accessibility.yale.edu.

Free Online Courses and In-Person Training

ITS offers many training resources for designers, developers and digital content creators. The Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning offers accessibility consulting and workshops for faculty:

Web Accessibility Articles

WebAIM (web accessibility in mind), maintains a list of valuable articles related to web accessibility. These articles are an excellent starting point for understanding the user’s perspective, and gaining awareness about tools and techniques for improving web accessibility.

WebAIM’s web accessibility articles