Exam Accommodations

Information on this page pertains to Yale College students regarding exams during the regular academic year.

For information on Placement Exams, please refer to the information in the Yale College section.

For Graduate and Professional students, please be aware that each graduate program and professional school varies in how exam accommodations are arranged and administered. Please work with the school-appropriate administrator for exam accommodations. Students must have requested accommodations and be approved to receive exam accommodations.

Student Responsibilities and Information

  • Request accommodations for the first-time or renew accommodation requests each term to receive an accommodation letter.
  • Communicate approved accommodations to your faculty and instructors in a timely manner (at the start of the semester is best) by forwarding your accommodation letter to your faculty and Residential College Dean.
  • Discuss your testing accommodations with your instructors or departmental designee. They should coordinate and provide you your accommodations whenever possible.
  • If instructor is unable to provide your testing accommodations themselves, SAS may be able to assist with proctoring exams held on the same date and at the same time as the class. Please see more information and how to schedule your exam below.
    * Please work directly with your instructor regarding testing accommodations for quizzes, night exams and/or make-up exams.
    * For exams that need to be proctored at the SAS Office, please submit your forms in the beginning of the term (generally, once schedules are sealed). If there are any changes in exam schedule, please notify sasexams@yale.edu.

How to Schedule an Exam at SAS

To request exam accommodations during the regular academic year, follow these steps:

  • If your instructor is unable to coordinate your testing accommodations themselves and it is determined that you will need to schedule a testing space at SAS, please submit your test room booking requests through your SAS Accommodate Portal under the Test Room Booking tab. Semester Exam Requests must be submitted at least 7 days in advance of the exam date.
  • SAS only proctors exams scheduled at the same time as the class. If you have extended time and a class scheduling conflict, let sasexams@yale.edu know as soon as possible to determine appropriate scheduling of this exam. You will likely be able to begin the exam a little early.
  • SAS does not proctor quizzes, evening exams past 5pm, or make up exams. You must work with your instructor directly regarding these requests.
  • Space at SAS is limited, and late requests are not guaranteed.
  • Follow this Test Room Booking Request Guide when submitting your requests for step-by-step help.

Final Exam General Information

  • For final exams, the deadline to submit Test Room booking requests at SAS is the last day of the semester for all finals. Please discuss your accommodations with your instructor and submit test room booking requests at SAS as needed prior to the deadline.
  • Late requests will not be guaranteed.
  • SAS is open on Saturday and Sunday for final exams schedule on those dates.
  • Final exams must be scheduled at the same time as the Official University time and date indicated for your class unless the exam is at 7pm. 7pm final exams must be scheduled to begin at 5:00pm at the SAS office. If you finish before 7pm, you must remain under testing conditions until then. If you have extended time and another final exam scheduling conflict, let sasexams@yale.edu know as soon as possible to determine appropriate scheduling of this exam. You will likely be able to begin the first exam a little early.
  • SAS does not proctor final exams before 9:00am or past 10:30pm.
  • SAS does not proctor exams during Reading Week.

Student FAQs

Not necessarily. You should always check with your instructors to see if they are able to provide you with your Accommodations themselves. You should give them your accommodation letter and have this conversation with each of them as close to the beginning of each semester as possible. That way, if they are unable to coordinate your accommodations, you will have time to submit a test room booking request at the SAS office. Please remember, these requests must be submitted to SAS at least 7 days in advance of the course exam date.

The Test Room Booking tab only shows up when you have renewed your Accommodation Letter for the current semester and are approved for testing accommodations. It is your responsibility to renew your accommodations letter at the start of every semester. Once you renew your letter and your case manager sends you a copy for you to share with your instructor, the test room booking tab will show up in your Accommodate portal.

Though late Test Room Booking requests are not guaranteed, you should email sasexams@yale.edu (and copy your instructor on the email so that everyone is on the same page) with the following information as soon as possible:

  • Course Code and Section (e.g., MATH 105 01)
  • Instructor Name
  • Date and Time of the Exam
  • How long the exam is in class
  • Which of your approved accommodations do you need to utilize on this specific exam (you may not need all of them depending on the type of exam)

Yes. Since Each exam is different from one another, you must submit an individual Test Room Booking Request for each exam taken at SAS. Once you submit a request – to confirm that your request was submitted to SAS, check your Pending Requests list.

That’s great! The exam team typically scheduled exam requests 1 to 2 weeks in advance of the exam date. If your request is in your Pending List it will be scheduled closer to the exam date. If you do not see your request in your Pending List or the Scheduled List, please reach out to sasexams@yale.edu as soon as possible.

Contact Information

Emailing sasexams@yale.edu is the best way to reach a member of the exam team.

Jackie Moriarty, Associate Director for Accommodations, oversees Exam Administration at SAS. Qualified and trained Graduate Student Employees support the daily administrative and proctoring tasks.