Yale College Students


For information pertaining to first-year Yale College students, please scroll down to the next section.

For current Yale College students, you may find the following pages helpful:

First-Year Students

We are so happy to have you join the Yale University community! As you go through your first year at Yale, it’s important to make sure you are set up appropriately with our office.

Request Accommodations

Now that you are enrolled, it’s your responsibility to request accommodations with our office, which may have been different than in your previous schooling. Click the following button to start that process. 

First-Year Housing

To ensure a student can access housing appropriately, the SAS works with students in need of housing accommodations. For example, a student might request a physically accessible suite or the presence of medical equipment in their room. Click the following button to learn more about this process.

Placement Exams

Students with documented disabilities may request accommodations for placement testing through SAS. Please complete our Accommodations Request form and upload documentation at least two weeks in advance of the exam. SAS will review and contact you.

Please note that these requests for accommodations apply to the placement testing period alone. To request accommodations for ongoing accessibility arrangements, students should submit a request and meet with SAS before the start of the semester.

Calendar of Opening Days

For information about your first days on campus, please see the Calendar of Opening Days.