Returning Students

Welcome back!

If you already have approved accommodations through SAS, please use your SAS Accommodate Portal for important announcements, to renew your accommodations for the semester or to request new accommodations.

Depending on your circumstances, you may need to meet with your SAS Staff member to discuss accommodations for the semester first, which will be determined after you submit your accommodation renewal.

Every semester you will need to renew your accommodations in order to receive an accommodation letter. Please note that accommodation letters are generally sent once schedules are locked in for the semester.

If you have never requested accommodations from SAS before, please visit the Request Accommodations for the First Time page.

Renew Existing Accommodations

In order to renew your accommodations for the semester, please complete the following:

  1. Submit an Accommodation Renewal Request (see how to do so in our Renew Existing Request guide). Please allow 3 business days from submission to receive an updated accommodation letter.
  2. Forward current term accommodation letter to faculty and Residential College Dean (see how to do so in our Letters guide).

    *Generally, you should renew academic accommodations when course schedules are sealed.

    *Generally, you cannot receive exam accommodations until faculty receive your letter.

If you are unable to renew your accommodations, you may need to complete additional steps to continue receiving accommodations. Please reach out to your SAS Staff member or for assistance if this occurs.

Request Additional Accommodations

If you are already approved for accommodations and want to request additional or new accommodations, please submit a supplemental accommodation request. To submit a supplemental accommodation request, view our Supplemental Accommodations Guide.

How to…

Send letters to faculty: To deliver letters of notification to faculty, see our Accommodation Letters guide.

Book a room for an exam: First, read our Exam Accommodations page. If you need to submit a Test Room Booking Request, see our Test Room Booking guide.

Still have questions? Email