Extra-curricular Activities and Conferences

It is the University’s responsibility to provide required and reasonable accommodations for students and guests participating in University sponsored extra-curricular activities and conferences. Announcements should include a statement that invites the early identification of (an) accommodation(s) an individual may require. For example, “Accommodations for individuals with disabilities may be arranged by contacting (provide name or office here), ten (or more?) business days in advance of this event at (fill in phone number/e-mail and/or TTY number).”

The host group is responsible for selecting locations of meetings and events that are wheelchair accessible when a student using a wheelchair is or might be a participant. For example, department sponsored lecture series that are open to the Yale community should always be held in accessible locations. Trips planned by automobile, bus or van must provide for a wheelchair accessible vehicle if a participating student requires such. SAS can assist by identifying accessible locations at the University and resources for special transportation.

Students with hearing disabilities may require interpreting services. The host group is responsible to contract with a service and pay the required fee. In developing a budget for the event, interpreting fees should be included even if the need is unknown. If a participant registration fee is required, the additional expense of interpreters should be applied to determine the adequate charge. SAS can provide information on services that can be contacted to get an estimate of costs and to reserve certified interpreters.

Students with visual disabilities may require large print copies of agendas, announcements, meeting minutes and other print materials used by other members of the group. This can be done via a copy machine (150%) or by enlarging the text to a minimum of 18 points in a word processing document. SAS can braille information if provided a week in advance and in a word processing document delivered on diskette or as an e-mail attachment.

Students with a medical condition that results in fatigue may require a modified schedule of a full day’s events and an area to rest during the day.