Campus Access

Yale University’s campus in the heart of New Haven features many historical buildings and unique landscaping features. Information for navigating campus includes maps, transportation, and parking services.

Campus Map

All Gender Restrooms

Lactation Rooms

Visiting Yale

The Yale Visitor Center works with individuals with accommodation needs to allow them access to all of the programs and tours scheduled through the center. If you or a member of your group believe that they will require a specific accommodation, please notify the Visitor Center as soon as possible. Accommodations for visitors such as assistive listening devices, interpreters, and temporary proximate parking may be arranged by contacting the office at 203-432-2302. Please make this request at least 2 weeks in advance of the date needed.

Visitor Center/Tours

Accessible Parking and Transportation

The Yale Parking & Transit Office provides a variety of parking and transportation resources on and around campus. Students, staff and faculty who require proximate parking may obtain a medical waiver form at the Yale parking office or on the Parking Forms page. If approved, the Parking Service Office will make every effort to assign parking that meets the individual’s needs as circumstances allow. In addition, door-to-door van service is available from parking lots to buildings within the campus boundaries. This program is restricted to approved registered users and runs on a limited basis.

Parking and Transportation

Animals on Campus

The University recognizes the importance of Service Animals to individuals with disabilities and has established a policy for students, employees, and visitors who require the assistance of a Service Animal to perform work or tasks.

Animals on Campus

Plan an Accessible Event

Yale is committed to providing accessible events. Event planners and organizers are responsible for meeting this commitment. The event planning guide provides planners and organizers with assistance.

Accessibility Resources at Yale

Guidelines for Accessible Events (PDF file)

Accessibility Checklist for University Events (PDF file)

Captions for live events


If you experience a physical barrier, please contact the Office of Facilities to submit a service request. For emergency requests, including broken elevators or lifts, please call 203-432-6888. If you need to locate your building superintendent and/or area manager, visit Facilities Services Building Contacts. Examples of Facilities services include:

  • priority snow plowing
  • elevator or lift repairs
  • reporting outages of elevators or lifts
  • automatic door/gate opener repairs