Student Responsibilities

Requesting accommodations with SAS is required for students who request a disability-related accommodation or service. Students must contact SAS for the request form or submit a request online at the SAS website, where guidelines for documenting a disability are provided. Once SAS receives the request form and appropriate documentation, the student must meet with the SAS Director and/or delegated staff to discuss the appropriate accommodation(s). Students are informed of the procedures during the request process and sign agreements and individual documents submitted each semester. A student may request accommodations and submit documentation to SAS even though a specific accommodation request is not anticipated at the time of request.

Students must report to the Director every semester accommodations are needed. The student is expected to contact SAS when he or she anticipates the need for course accommodations and/or services. This contact usually occurs within the first three weeks after course registration.

New accommodation requests are accepted at any time during a semester. This process recognizes new diagnoses and injury or a delay in procuring appropriate medical documentation. It also responds to students who have a documented disability and have made all attempts to proceed with academic course work without the previous need for accommodation(s).

The majority of students served by SAS experience a disability that is permanent in nature. However, SAS considers the special needs of students who experience a temporary illness or injury that affects academic life. For example, a student who experiences a hand injury that prevents his or her ability to take notes or write answers for exams may request and receive services.

Students requesting course related accommodations are responsible for presenting a Letter of Accommodation from SAS to the principal faculty member responsible for a course and a copy to their college or school Dean. The Letter of Accommodation is intended to serve as an action plan of accommodation needs for each student with a disability. The accommodations are discussed each semester between the student and the Director of SAS. This discussion considers what is known about the course requirements and the individual student’s disability requirements.

Students are responsible for reporting any problems or concerns with services or accommodations as they occur. Students must speak to the Director of SAS to request changes to any accommodation already implemented. Students requesting accommodations with temporary injuries are expected to notify SAS of service changes as they occur.

Students with disabilities are expected to comply with the Academic Regulations of the College or School. Problems with compliance, even if disability related, must be communicated with the student’s Dean. Deans may choose to confer with SAS when appropriate.