How to Submit a Test Room Booking Request

Step 1: Log in to your Accommodate Portal page.

Step 2: Select Test Booking from the left-hand side.

Screenshot of Accommodate system with "Testing Room" circled.

Step 3: Select “Add New Booking” from the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of Accommodate system with "New Booking Request" circled.

Step 4: Select the class that you want to request an exam for.

Step 5: Select the date range for your exam request.

  • For example, if your exam is on Feb 22, you would select any range of dates that includes Feb 22.
  • Exams should be taken on the same date as the class.

Step 6: Select the time for the exam.

  • Exams should be taken at the same time as the class unless accommodations overlap with a different class.

Step 7: Indicate whether the exam is intended to originally take the entire class period.

Step 8: Select the Accommodations you would like to use for the exam.

  • You can ignore the “Rooms” and “Days of the Week” as they will show your class periods if unselected.

Step 9: Select “Check Availability”.

Step 10: Click the “Testing Appointment” for the day of the exam.

  • It will only show days 7 or more days in advance. If you have an exam before that please email
Screenshot of Accommodate system with "Testing Appointment" circled.

Step 11: After you select the time, it will ask you to confirm your booking. Look over everything and then confirm.

In case of any difficulties/questions please contact SAS Exams (